It’s time to plan your holiday at Tikkar Lake

It’s a destination that is located at about 260 kms from Delhi and is about 45 kms from panchkula. This interesting destination is a tourist attraction located in the state of Haryana. It’s called the Tikkar Lake, that is famous for its serine beauty and unconditional greenery that bounds this place. This place is a must visit tourist destination which is landed with hilly tracks, pine trees, morni hills. Near to this lake is another small lake like water body called the chota Tikkar, which is quite muddy and have a natural are for collection of rain water. It is said that both the lakes are interconnected by an underwater.

/Specialty of this place:-

The specific location is abode with the natural beauty and sceneries that make the place quite unique to visit. But the place is provided with limited eating options or else the eating facility can be availed from the Haryana tourism. There is Adventure Park nearby to the small lake that is maintained by the Haryana tourism and there are tree houses which are special to this place. It even has many other adventures like that of ghost house, monkey maze. This place is a grand attraction for the teen and youngsters as this place is quite exciting and even outdoor games can be enjoyed at this place. Every year tourists from various places across the country and even from outside visit this place. This place is connected to the Haryana state highway and is considered to be the biggest attraction of the state. This is quite a good and comfortable location for natural waterfalls in the muddy regions that is provided as a spot for relaxation and photography.

Morni hills and the adventures:-

It is the range of hills that are offshoots of the Shivalik range of the Himalayas. This hill is located at the district of panchkula of Haryana and presenting at its foot presenting the Tikkar Lake. This lake is considered to be around 550 meters and the small lake is considered to be of 460 meters. At this Tikkar lake there is a adventure park , Through this the amazing experience of the ghost house, monkey maze , tree house and the swinging bridge can be take and these features are quite similar to that of those adventures available in foreign countries. It is more interesting to see the flowers and various gardens blooming in this place and more interesting fact is to see the sun rise and the sunset when the reflection of the sun is viewed on the lake.

Best thing about the place

There are many places nearby , but the most interesting is this lake as its mounted by the hills around it that increase its beauty and a memorable journey is all set to go for.